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Tips For A Healthy Christmas Season

5 Tips for a Healthy Christmas Season

We are surrounded by food wherever we go this time of year. So it is easy to fill up on sweet and fatty (the wrong fats) foods which can leave you feeling not so good,  maybe a few pounds heavier too. Here are some tips to help you be healthy especially for the month ahead.

1) Breathe – this may sound silly but we actually do forget to be still and take deep breaths. Deep breathing gets more nourishing oxygen into your body. Blood that is rich in oxygen will help you feel better, and give you more energy. Deep breathing also reaches the deepest depths of your lungs, and helps to expel and break up residue.

 2) Vitamin C –  when you are especially busy (and stressed) it  can lower your immune system. To prevent getting a cold or flu taking a dose of  vitamin C can strengthen your defenses. Take 1 – 2 grams a day.  It is water soluble so best to take in divided doses. If  you do start feeling a  little “down” then increase the dose. Everyone has a different bowel tolerance so be aware it can cause loose stools!! 

3) Probiotics –  I usually advise everyone to take a probiotic daily anyway. But especially so this month. 70% of your immune is in your gut so keep it clean and full of beneficial bacteria! They contribute to your defenses  against invading bugs.  Stress and bad food can deplete these critters.

4) Healthy Snacks –  make sure you have a fridge and larder full of healthy snacks. This can prevent you nibbling on junk  or sugary foods. Foods like fruit, nuts, hummus, finger veg ( cherry tomatoes, carrots sticks, peppers, celery, bean dips, organic edamame, gluten free crackers with nut butters. Protein, Protein! – remember to have protein as part of your snack to balance your blood sugar that can prevent those sweet and carb cravings.

5) Greens –  don’t forget your greens! whether it is dark green salad greens or cooked greens like spinach, sprouts, collard greens etc just think green daily. These foods are a good source of magnesium. Magnesium helps to keep you calm as well as give  you energy . What an amazing mineral!

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