Go ahead and book that appointment. You will be happy you did. Not only did she help with digestive issues, my life long eczema has completely disappeared. After filling out a very detailed questionnaire, Annie made dietary recommendations specifically for me and I feel much better. She is very knowledgable and provides easy ways to incorporate better nutrition into your life.

Miss S from Tarzana

“I started seeing Annie about 8 months ago, with view to losing weight. One of the best outcomes of Annie’s treatment and guidance had not only been weight loss but the return of a regular period after 5 years. I can highly recommend seeing her for sensible practical manageable advice.”

Miss R from London, UK

“Understanding the balance of healthy foods has corrected my bowels. I am now free of HRT and have even lost 7lbs in weight without trying. I am now really enthusiastic about the new foods and I am enjoying my family too!”                                                      

Mrs F. from Brighton, UK

“I already had 3rd stage Kidney failure but I came to see Annie for help to manage my recently diagnosed diabetes. the food choices were quite a balancing act as I needed low protein for my kidney condition and low carbs for my diabetes and I didn’t want to go hungry!. Annie taught me exactly what I needed to know and how to put it in action on a daily basis. She was very thorough and clear in her explanations for my food plan. She showed me not only what to eat but how to eat/I am very pleased with the results as my blood sugar reading are stable and within range. I am enjoying the new healthy foods she introduced to me.”

Mrs M. from Tarzana, CA

“When Annie explained to me I needed to eat more fruit and vegetables I was a little worried as i wasn’t a big vegetable person, then she explained to me I could blend veg and fruit and make my own type of smoothies which have literally changed my health for the good and I feel so fresh and energised every morning its amazing. My acne is clearing up – the reason I contacted Annie again.Thanks Annie.” 

Stephen from London, UK

“I am doing very well on my new diet. I was GF and dairy free for 14 days, after which I re-introduced dairy, then gluten and realized that dairy was the problem. Between eliminating dairy and continuing usage of the supplements you recommended for veggie digestion and my colon, I am having normal bowel movements and am very happy about it. Thank you for all of your help- this is the best I have felt in years”

Mrs A from Brentwood, CA

“I was advised to contact Annie after a friend recommended her. I was desperate for a change (for myself, my husband and my 2 children. I was lethargic, feeling exhausted, constantly run down, bloated, feeling nauseated, struggling to sleep, and experiencing mood swings. I had struggled with chronic, persistent thrush eery few weeks. The doctors treatment was temporary and within a couple of weeks it returned. Little did I know that diet had so much to answer for.  

Annie was clear, precise and confident. I was amazed at her specialist understanding, She fine tuned my dietary eating plan to my needs.- She did this from a thorough medical history, and tests exploring my normal diet and lifestyle. I felt a little overwhelmed when she advised me to go gluten, dairy and gluten free but she gave me so much practical advice, dietary plans and recipes and taught me how to eat differently  She was hugely supportive, and being in another country, was contactable via email throughout the months I was doing the regime.
Within a month I was feeling better and within 2 months I was feeling unrecognisably better. The thrush had gone and not returned. I had more energy for the kids,  my husband and felt more positive. Five months later I can say these changes have made such an enormous difference to my life and wellbeing.”

Mrs W from Sheffield, UK

“Annie, I wanted to let you know that through your guidance and education on good eating habits and cutting out all foods with gluten I was recently re-diagnosed by my rheumatologist as having only ‘wear and tear arthritis”. I am no longer considered as a rheumatoid arthritis patient because my blood work for the past year has shown little to almost no inflammation. My rheumatologist was shocked!
About a year ago I also stopped all medications so now I only take supplements.

My weight is way down and I am continuing to lose about 2 lbs every week. So all is going well and this is my way of life for the rest of my life. Even though I am now 47, I feel like I am 30 years old. I sleep well, function well at work and at home and have energy to go to the gym at 9.00pm.

So thank you, Annie, for all your good advice. I wish I could convince some of my work colleagues, who are obese, to make these changes but I don’t think they have the determination or they are waiting for a critical life threatening situation before they realize the need to lose weight, exercise and eat healthy. They are cutting away years off their lives and it is such a shame.”

Client from West Hills​

Often we think that we are fine and on track. That was how I evaluated my life, especially my health. I’m a senior citizen who recently changed doctors and answered a number of health related questions, one being do suffer from constipation? My answer was a resounding No! Then two months later I found my bowels impacted, I was losing weight (14 lbs in a month), suffering and didn’t know what to do. My doctor gave me some do and don’ts on what and not to eat. That was fine, but I was still losing weight and feared looking in the mirror, that’s when I turned to Annie Mc Rae NC, whom I can not praise enough. After filled out a prognosis form she went to work and laid out dietary plan suited to my needs, pointed out the improper foods I was killing myself with, she then recommended shakes, breads, and exercises which allow for a smooth passing of food on a regular basis. I could go on and on, as her skills are vast and I’m thankful that Annie cares, and loves people and what she does so well. I’m healthy and near my normal weight of 140 lbs (I’m 5 ft 9 in and dropped to 126 lbs.) I’m an active Deacon, screenwriter and a called Minister, who was about to lie in bed and pass on. I now roll out of bed at six a.m. , do 10 ups push and walk 2 miles every day. Since following Annie’s dietary recommendations I find that my writing has a greater since of clarity and my new book, is taking off.
With humble appreciation, CJ

Client from Hollywood

“I was eating quite healthily before I saw Annie. But I knew there was something “going on” with my hormones, I had had enough of low energy and not sleeping well. But i didn’t know where to start.  Annie’s advice changed all that. She targeted the root causes of my condition. Her dietary expertise  and supplement program made a huge difference to my health.  Within 2 months i was sleeping all through the night, my energy was renewed and I lost 5lbs which was most welcome!!  With family at home and working part-time I did not want to spend much time in the kitchen.  Annie’s delicious simple recipes to balance my hormones really helped with all that.  I like Annie’s straightforward approach that I found easy to take on board and got the results I was looking for. Thank you, Annie.”              

Mrs K from Calabasas, CA

I contacted Annie because I needed help with my diet to mainly address the low energy and mood I had been experiencing for a long time, on the recommendation of my wife, whom she had helped in the past.  Once Annie had assessed the questionnaire I had completed she diagnosed chronic adrenal fatigue as my main problem and recommended a diet to help address this, which was much more nutritious and varied than my current diet, at the same time reducing sugar intake, avoiding wheat and reducing caffeine intake (mainly from the many cups of tea I had been consuimng per day).  Annie also recommended food supplements, containing vitamins and minerals to help boost my energy, nurture my adrenal glands and lift my mood. I’ve had several follow up appointments with Annie since then and have been sticking pretty closely to the diet sand supplements he recommended. Over the past 5 months of following this new diet and food supplements I have begun to feel much better as a result. I generally feel healthier, stronger and more motivated. This has led to me taking up more regular exercise, like cycling, and resuming things I used to enjoy doing, like playing the saxophone, which I had not been doing because I was so exhausted and lacking motivation. The ‘knock on’ effect has meant my mood is much brighter most of the time. So, all in all, I’m in a much better place now,  physically and mentally and have much more energy and resilience to face work and the other stresses and strains of daily life, than I had before, thanks to Annie and her expert help and advice. I highly recommend her and am very grateful to her for all her help and support so far.

Client from UK

Annie is such a delight to work with.  She’s been so caring and thoughtful as my husband has been experiencing stomach issues.  Her recommendations have been showing results for him already.  He is thrilled to be finding relief and as his wife, am happy that he is feeling better.  Thank you Annie for your suggestions and being such a caring person.

Mrs. B from Woodland Hills

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