About Annie

My interest for healthy food was very much influenced by living on a small farm. I  grew up eating fresh eggs, milk, vegetables and home grown chickens. My mother had a talent and love for cooking which motivated me to follow in her footsteps to cook from scratch, create recipes and enjoy home cooked food.

I have been practicing as a nutrition consultant for 20 years having graduated with honors from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) London,UK.  Before that I qualified as a Home Economist from the London Metropolitan University UK.

I was a partner at The IBS & Gut Disorder Centre in UK which had its clinic in the famous Harley Street, London.  I also practiced for the Allergy & Nutrition Centre which focused on dealing with stress, hormonal imbalances, weight management, food intolerances, and fatigue.

Ten years ago I re-located to California, to live nearer my 2 sons, and now bringing my expertise to the Los Angeles area.

For the last 5 years I have been working with Dr Farshid Sam Rahbar, a distinguished functional medicine gastroenterologist in Century City, as his nutritionist. I have learnt and am learning so much from his vast depth of knowledge and experience. I am most grateful for that.

My Approach

Although I specialise in gut problems, I work with a wide variety of health issues and always assess your digestive efficiency. If you are not digesting and absorbing your food that well then you are depriving the rest of your body from the nutrients it needs.  So how do you expect to get well?

Our bodies are an amazing creation designed by God to function on good nourishing food. Nutrition is not a complementary or alternative medicine it is essential to life! Food is an everyday factor for health so it is in our best interest to get it right!  But now in this modern age we face many hazards that challenge our health and can make it difficult to feed ourselves good food. The body wants to heal itself so it needs to be cleansed and given the right raw materials. In simple terms, it is “getting the bad out and putting the good in”. That process sounds simple but there is skill in how to do that, and the pace in which you do it. Most people have sensitivities to several, if not many, foods. This is also true of the supplements. So both food and supplements  need to be wisely selected.

Beyond Health Model

Beyond Health Model
Credit: Raymond Francis  D.Sc.  MSc.

Nutritional therapy promotes cleansing of your body, reduces the toxic load and increases your nutrient status. It is getting the body back into balance and supporting the body’s mechanisms. I use this model in my practice.

The way forward is to assist the efficient function of all body systems at cellular level. In giving the body balanced nourishing nutrient-dense food it has the capacity to heal, as the hazards are removed. Nutrition, therefore, has the ability to help limitless poor health issues. It is not a “patch-up” job but addresses the root causes. Good nutrition also has a role to play in  prevention  against further toxicity and the effects of stress and aging.

Perhaps you are at a place where your health condition is a real puzzle?

I help to Uncover, Discover and Recover and restore you to good health.

Common Digestive Issues

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