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Is It The Food I Eat, Or Is It Just Me?

Most of us have foods that do not “agree with us” too well.  It is helpful if we know what they are! That can save a whole lot of trouble. It can be frustrating when we react to a good healthy wholesome food, even ones known as a “Superfood”!!  You may not have thought that it is not so much the food that is the culprit but the actual state of your gut. Let me clarify that.

The integrity of your gut is key. One factor to look at is Leaky Gut. There are tests for this but I find just knowing my clients symptoms and story it can be clear they have a Leaky Gut. Of course, the gut lining is somewhat porous allowing  food particles to migrate through into the bloodstream to be used as food (after quite a long process). But the invasion of medications, toxins and stress can increase  the porosity or permeability of the gut lining in a detrimental way. This means undigested food particles toxins, and bugs can easily pass through into the bloodstream and cause illness.

When this happens the immune system reacts (only to protect the body) but can make you feel unwell. It is like the body’s alarm system telling us to do something about it.  There is much you can do to heal this by leaving off the foods, eating ones that are sooting and healing and taking some supplement that repair the gut lining.

Another very important factor is your “Micro-biome” This is a fairly new word now given to the balance of bacteria that reside in your gut. The right amount of friendly bacteria and the right balance is crucial to good health. They really play a huge role, probably the greatest role in gut health. With 70% of our immune system being in our guts we need to take note of these bacteria. Poor food, antibiotics,  invading substances. If we fully realised how much these little “friends” do for us we would pay more attention and take a a good probiotic most of the time or every other month (depending on your lifestyle and health).

So instead of automatically blaming you tummy upset solely on the food I suggest you consider the state of your digestive and elimination system!

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