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Uncover the real root cause of your ill health



Through a questionnaire, discussion, (I listen to your story) clinical observation, I UNCOVER the real root and underlying causes of your ill-health. It is not just observing your obvious symptoms. 



You will DISCOVER the best way forward for you, by knowing what foods to eat,  what foods to reduce  or avoid. You work through the identified causative factors with right food choices and lifestyle. Your nutrient deficiencies, nutrient imbalances, toxicity, blockages and damage from stress are addressed in stages. Often times functional medicine testing is recommended to discover more accurately what is going on in your body. 



While progressing with your nutritional strategy you will RECOVER as the unwanted burdens are relieved.  I advise  how you can replenish and nourish your body, repair cell damage, restore function,  reduce your pain and reach your optimum health so you feel well again.