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These tests form a very important part of your nutritional therapy. They pinpoint many markers that show what is going on in your body. They are not always necessary to do but I recommend them when they are appropriate and can help bring you health in a faster way. There are different types of tests depending on what needs testing. For example:-​

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An easy to use urine test can show  75 factors of how your body is functionaing or malfunctioning.


 Blood sample showing diabetes risk factors, CRP (inflammation), Hemoglobin A1C (sugar covered red blood cells) cardio vascular risks, and lipid panel.


 A saliva samples taken throughout one day that measures your cortisol and DHEA levels,which shows how you are dealing with stress.


A great non-invasive urine test offers a depth of insight into a client’s overall nutritional status. It helps to give an understanding of individual diet and supplementation needs, and offers a personalized functional nutrition assessment covering Antioxidants, B Vitamins, digestive support, minerals, toxic burden and indication of methylation factors.


A urine test can show tthe levels of your Neurotransmitters, (chemical messengers in your brain) which helps to know if you need support with motivation or lift depression etc


The MTHFR gene that  basically controls how well this enzyme works. A simple blood test can tell you if you have variant copies of this gene. This enzyme is necessary for methylation. Methylation is a chemcial reaction that occurs in every cell and tissue in our body. If you have poor methylation toxins build up in your bloodstream and will eventually cause disease. Methylation also turns genes on and off which is very important.


A simple blood test can measure antibody levels to foods meaning that food is giving you a reaction in your body.