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"Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of exercise."

​Mike Adams,

Our bodies are an amazing creation designed by God to function on good nourishing food. Nutrition is not a complementary or alternative medicine it is essential to life! Food is an everyday factor for health so it is in our best interest to get it right!  But now in this modern age we face many hazards that challenge our health and can make it difficult to feed ourselves good food.

Who is Nutritional Therapy  or Counseling for? 

  •  For anyone who is not well
  •  For anyone who is dissatisfied with their health whether it is mid or severe, who is prepared to make changes with  what they eat, how they eat and change some lifestyle factors.
  •  For those who are motivated to get better. 
  •  For those who want to try a natural approach with diet and supplements and maybe wanting to reduce your  medications (with MD's approval)
  •  For those who have "tried" everything else with little improvement
  •  For those who want an "overhaul" as a preventative, anti-aging approach.

Nutritional therapy promotes cleansing of your body, reduces the toxic load and increases your nutrient status. It is getting the body back into balance and supporting the body's mechanisms, The body wants to heal itself so it needs to be cleansed and given the right raw materials. In simple terms, it is "getting the bad out and putting the good in."



The onslaught of thousands of chemical in our food, the saturation of pollutants in our water and air, the "instant society" and stresses of life have resulted in accumulation of toxins and nutrient deficiencies in our bodies. This leads to malfunctioning cells. Most ill health and dissease are the results of cell malfunction.

​Many of us live on a limited number of foods day in and day out because we either like them, we are comfortable preparing those foods, we do not want to learn new recipes or try new foods and it is easy. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.​



The way forward is to assist the efficient function of all body systems at cellular level. In giving the body balanced nourishing nutrient-dense food it has the capacity to heal, as the hazards are removed. Nutrition, therefore, has the ability to help limitless poor health issues. It is not a "patch-up" job but addresses the root causes. Good nutrition also has a role to play in  prevention  against further toxicity and the effects of stress and aging.​

During your consultation you will be listened to, learn what are the best healing foods for YOU and what food may be detrimental and exacerbate you condition. You will gain confidence that you are on the right track for optimum health. See more information under "Services."